Years ago I had a vision.

This vision involved meeting a dire need in today’s society.

This vision is all about igniting and empowering Motherhood.

This vision is surrounded by strong values:

  • Community

  • Connection

  • Compassion

  • Sacredness

  • Authenticity

  • Freedom

  • Courage

  • Hope

  • Love

For too long Motherhood has been filled with isolation, judgment, fear and overwhelm.

We have been told to stay home.

We have been told to work.

We have been told to “have it all.”

We have been ridiculed for whatever choices we make.

This has to stop.

It is time for Mothers to come together in unity, empathy and support.

It is time to redefine and revolutionise the Mother of the 21st Century.

It is time to build communities and villages.

This all starts with a Circle.

A circle for all Mums and Mums-to-Be.

This is Mamas Sacred Circle®


Meet Steph

I have always had a passion for psychology and counselling. However, it wasn’t until I had my first son in 2013 that I realised my niche passion was in assisting parents and children to live their best lives. I delved deeply into Aware Parenting, Unconditional Parenting, Conscious Parenting and Playful Parenting. These concepts seemed so foreign to me because these values were not the way I was raised. Don’t get me wrong I had a wonderful childhood where I was encouraged to always follow my dreams, but there was also a punitive and conformity side that never sat well with me.


Mamas Sacred Circle™ was an idea I thought up in late 2015, when I saw a need for a supportive and safe community for Mums. I had been to my fair share of Mums groups over the years. However, in all honesty, I sometimes felt I was back at school. There was judgment, there was ridicule, there was talking behind backs and there was talking over others. I wanted to create a space that was sacred, where all Mums felt supported, accepted and received unconditional love and empathy.

However, my plans were derailed in early 2016, when I became pregnant with my second son and diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidium (severe all day pregnancy sickness). I was hospitalised during my first and second trimester. In 2017, my husband had a career change which saw him live in another state for 7 months. 2018 we discovered our second son had a rare blood disorder of childhood and was in hospital 3 times over the year. So here we are 2019, the year that Mamas Sacred Circle™ is finally entering the world to serve you, Mama.


  • Master of Counselling (In Progress)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

  • Diploma of Holistic Counselling

  • Diploma of Complementary Therapies

  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (Stage 1)


  • Registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

  • Certified Aware Parenting Instructor

  • Founder of Connect Love Inspire Family Day Care (no longer in operation)


  • Aware Parenting Instructor course

  • Sound Sleep and Secure Attachment course

  • Making Friends with Children’s Feelings course

  • Circle Keeper Training

  • Baby Massage course

  • Aromatherapy course

  • EFT for Kids course