You either stay at home with the kids all day or work and come to everyone else’s beck and call.

You love them with all your heart, but you just need some support, energy, time to yourself, someone to talk to who will understand.

Some self-love.

Some nurturing.

You need others who can relate to what you are feeling.

That’s what Mamas Sacred Circle® is all about.

It’s about reclaiming Motherhood.

It’s about forming a Sisterhood of Mums.

It’s about building a community of Mothers that are your backbone, your heart and your soul.

It’s about embracing the Feminine and Motherhood in a deeply Sacred way that honours who each of us are as individuals but also who we are together as Mums.

It’s where Mums can find relief, hope and love.

Where they can form strong, unconditional bonds with other Mums.

A safe place.

Welcome to Mamas Sacred Circle®

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